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Fading In: Our Go-To Technique

Fading in, also called sliding in, is used to help the child with selective mutism by gradually exposing them to the feared person or location while providing positive reinforcement for the child's continued speaking. The child and a person they are already comfortable talking to begin a speaking activity (usually some type of game). The… Continue reading Fading In: Our Go-To Technique

Helping Your Child, The Basics, Treatment

Treating Selective Mutism – What Works?

How do you get a child to talk who is literally frozen with fear, or who has been silent so long that they have become an expert mime? The answer may seem elusive, but it is not as complicated as you may think. Effective treatment lies in decreasing the child's anxiety and gradually exposing them… Continue reading Treating Selective Mutism – What Works?

Helping Your Child, The Basics

What is Selective Mutsim?

Selective mutism is an anxiety-based social communication disorder. Children with selective mutism are quite capable of speaking in situations where they feel comfortable, like at home with family and perhaps with a few close friends. However, in other social settings their anxiety makes it difficult or impossible for them to speak, even if they really… Continue reading What is Selective Mutsim?

Helping Your Child, The Basics

The Beginner’s Guide to Selective Mutsim

You just found out that your child has selective mutism (SM). What do you do now? It is so relieving, yet overwhelming to finally get a diagnosis. Now you have something tangible to work with. But, the looming question is, “Where should we begin?” I’m here to help you get started! There is a lot… Continue reading The Beginner’s Guide to Selective Mutsim